Welcome to Chris Page Pipe & Cable Pty Ltd

Chris Page Pipe & Cable Pty Ltd commenced in 2005 after carrying out service locations since 1999 with another company.

I have been a Telstra accredited plant locator since 1999 and am authorized to carry out optic fibre and copper  locations of their network.


We can locate electrical (high and low voltage), communications, sewer, stormwater, water and gas services with the latest in electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment.

We carry out service locations for a variety of clients including government of all levels, electrical providers, petroleum companies, environmental, geotechnical, fencers, electricians, plumbers, earthmovers, excavators,  builders, signwriters, concretors and homeowners. In fact anyone who is planning to excavate.

We are determined to take the worry out of excavating and prevent damage to workers, machinery, underground services and the environment.

Why Choose Chris Page Pipe & Cable Pty Ltd?

Our longstanding experience of underground utility locating services has contributed to building long lasting relationships with clients. Customer service is a priority and sets us apart from other utility locating companies. We offer a solution for every locating need.

Goal: To deliver a positive customer experience through our quality locating services.

Mission: To continue growing our business through delighting our clients by providing accurate, timely locates.

Providing timely and accurate locations of underground services including but not limited to electrical, communications, water, sewer, gas, and stormwater networks.

Utilizing the latest in electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar units.

We use ridgid and radiodetection transmitters and receivers for electromagnetic  locations.

We use the new opera duo dual frequency ground penetrating radar unit.

The service starts with an electromagnetic search to find conductive services and  may include tracing rods and sondes for insertion into sewer and stormwater lines.

Ground  penetrating radar if required would complete the survey to locate non conductive services.

Ground penetrating radar detects the differences  in dielectric property of materials  and measures the time delay of reflected echo to estimate the depth. While an effective tool it has  limitations  when operating in wet clay soils. As  electrical conductivity of soil condition increases GPR performance declines.

We can also supply free dbyd plans for your site given a short lead  time.